We are a full service, small business branding and marketing company working out of New Jersey and serving clients all over the country. We are high energy and low stress. We're fun, we're effective, and we know that our business is your business.


Who are we?

Brigette - Marketing Manager

Brigette started out as a graphic designer at a marketing firm overseas. From there, Brigette moved to New York City and worked as a Marketing Executive and Producer for WABC-TV New York. She has a degree in Visual Arts and an MBA in Marketing. She cherishes her DVD boxed set of Scrubs, has never met a jigsaw puzzle she didn’t love, and has an unhealthy obsession with seltzer and lime.

Katie - Designer

Katie and Brigette met in Germany and have worked together for over ten years. During most of those years they dreamed of starting a business, and it seems some dreams do come true! Katie has a Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design received from the University of MN Duluth, and her work has largely focused on print, such as logo & identity design, marketing collateral, large scale events, and nonprofit work. She is cool-calm-collect with a lovable, quirky sensibility. She loves birds and foxes, popcorn, and riding her scooter around the streets of Los Angeles where she currently resides.

Tom - Content Creator

A lifelong bookworm and avid writer, Tom is Hanabee’s storyteller and resident grammar nerd. Since earning his degree from the University of Connecticut, he's written everything from published fiction to professionally crafted resumes. When he isn't putting his creativity to use for our clients, he's either on a basketball court or working on a future New York Times bestseller.


Where are we located?

Physically, we are located near Hoboken, New Jersey and Los Angeles, California, but we service clients all over the country. We bring our skills wherever you need us!