Client: Local Barre

Brand Extension, Marketing Management

Local Barre became a popular brand in the local community and within four years, business was so great they opened their third location. Unfortunately, when things get busy the brand tends to fall to the wayside. So when Local Barre came to us to help create a new brand we made sure to start with the foundation.

Hanabee dug in to uncover the Local Barre mission by identifying and defining the Local Barre brand. After updating the visual look and brand voice, Hanabee created and executed marketing campaigns that aligned with Local Barre's long and short term goals. Local Barre's full marketing management support includes strategic campaigns, graphic design support and content management.

"Working with the Hanabee team has been invaluable to our business. The quality and sophistication of their work is evident not only in their designs but also in the thorough and creative strategic direction they provide for our company. It truly feels as if we have an entire marketing team behind our small business. We could not be more pleased with the overwhelming positive response we have received from our current and ever-growing client base since signing on with the fabulous HB team."

- Dana Assile, Marketing & Sales Director