We are a full service, small business branding and marketing company working out of New Jersey and serving clients all over the country. We are high energy and low stress. We're fun, we're effective, and we know that our business is your business.


Our Process

As a team, we look at your business from every angle so you get the strength of our collective expertise. We value goal-oriented thinking and clients that appreciate the why behind the what.

 Our Services

Total Brand Development

Perfect for startup companies and small businesses ready to grow. Branding goes beyond a logo, and no matter what your product or service there are many elements of branding that are easily overlooked. We’ll help you perfect your brand from every angle: everything from vocabulary, visual materials, even work processes.

Marketing Management

For small businesses looking for long-term marketing support. We formulate a plan to promote your brand over the long haul, as well as take charge of your day-to-day marketing needs. The result? You get a resident marketing manager without having to pay a full-time salary or benefits.

Brain Power Marketing Consultations

Need to work some ideas out? Our team offers advice and assistance on specific projects or promotions tailored to your needs.

Other Services

Graphic Design
Strategic Promotions
Video Production
Social Media and Voice Management
Web Design and Development
Search Engine Optimization