Client: Mommies 24/7

While CEO, Sarah Himmelbaum, was busy creating partnerships and recruiting locations, Hanabee took over managing the websites, eNewsletters, advertiser support, overall graphics and became a trusted sounding board for the company. Since then, Mommies 24/7 has grown from 1 to 5 locations and has garnered over 15k members.

Hanabee created and executed strategies that made room for membership and growth by identifying revenue opportunities and creating a more robust user experience.

"Brigette and her team at Hanabee Creative are professional and innovative when it comes to taking your brand and marketing needs to the next level. I've worked with Hanabee for over 2 years and every day I am amazed with the level of service and expertise we are provided with. As a growing company she handled every challenge and our "growing pains" with grace and professionalism. Literally couldn't have done it without her."

- Sarah Himmelbaum, CEO & Founder